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Chris Mann

"you leave feeling supremely confident in your own ability."

my dad

My absolute favourite performers are those who communicate a story, who pay as much attention to a song lyric as they would a soliloquy, but who also still respond musically, who understand that a wonderfully considered musical phrase is as expressive as a dramatic thought.

Euugghh, Sounds like I'm hard to please, I know. But all I'm talking about is Acting-Through-Song. That elusive, misunderstood mistress. In my still fairly young opinion, good acting-through-song isn't  just singing gorgeously whilst over-pronouncing the words, gesturing on the important ones and hoping the audience think you mean it. I also don't think it is saying "To hell with the music" and speaking your way through a song like Rex Harrison (although I goddamn love him). I think it is just what it says on the tin. Act through song, i.e. communicate the drama through the music.

I believe acting-through-song can be improved no end by understanding the way the musical writing is supporting the dramatic writing; then you can acknowledge your emotional response, and explore ways to communicate that with your vocal choices. If this sounds about right to you, then I'd love to help!

"Alex understood my voice capability so wonderfully, and so I never felt nervous performing for her. She is so focussed on finding 'your personal voice', and on finding songs for your repertoire that truly reflect your character and acting abilities, as well as showing off your voice at its best. She is clever and kind, and her own illustrious career is testament to her brilliant audition technique and clever repertoire choices. Thank you for filling me with joy and confidence at auditions Alex!"

- Jennifer Greenwood, Bristol Old Vic

"Alex taught me during my time at Guildford School of Acting and the expertise gained from her has been invaluable. Her insight into acting through song and methods of honing a performance helped me to achieve my best, which was only enhanced by her understanding of music and the voice. As a performer in her own right, her knowledge of the industry comes in incredible useful. I have been lucky enough to land a West End role before graduating and I know that is greatly in part to Alex's teaching of not only how to be a performer, but how to be an intelligent one. Thank you, Alex!"


- Jed Berry, Kinky Boots

Since I started work as a private coach, I have found that my students have very varied and specific needs. Some want to prep audition material, some need to refresh their rep and others want to discuss their career. So, to match that need, I’m restructuring the way I teach, and will provide specific services to give you the best possible option, and to use your time (and money) effectively. 


Audition Prep

This will be awesome. 

If you’ve been sent material for an audition or recall, or if you want to work on your own choice of song, come and see me and we will NAIL it together. 

I absolutely LOVE coaching people for auditions; working through your material and building a considered, exciting performance. I also really enjoy the puzzle of finding material for auditions. Obviously it's important to find appropriate songs in terms of style, period and character, but in my time I have also tried to be a bit surprising, a bit smart, and hopefully more memorable! 


Acting-Through-Song Session 

Original vibes. For a pure and simple unadulterated ATS session on material you know & love, or on material you are trying out; with a specific goal in mind or just for the HELL of it, this is for you. 

This is a great chance to remind yourself of the depth of detail and thought you need to produce a really good performance of a song. 

So often we have to learn things so quickly that we become used to acting “short cuts”, and produce a polished performance without going through any process whatsoever, resulting in an inauthentic, surface performance which shows little personal response, depth or original thought. A session with me will remind you of those skills you need to act as a detective; to find the clues in the song that give insight and provoke a response and craft a truly exciting, classy, memorable performance. It’s so much fun. I love doing it, so come and see me for heavens sake. 


Rep Consultation ​

These are non-singing sessions. 

We’ll talk through your current rep, and how this has served you. We’ll talk about how you want to present yourself and the sort of auditions you’re getting and refresh your rep; finding songs you’ll get excited about, find clever interesting choices, fill in any gaps and generally get into shape. 

As we don’t need a piano for this session, we can do it whilst we’re out and about which, as a working actress, is sometimes as helpful for me as it might be for you. I’m quite good at finding quiet spots in town where we can sit down over a coffee and get to work. 


Career Consultation ​

I have been interested to find that since I began work as a private coach, a lot of my students have a similar story to tell. They’ve been out of drama School for maybe a year or two, and are feeling a bit lost. 

Or some students have been going well but want to make more progress (play lead parts, or do more interesting projects etc). 

I get all this. I’ve been there. In fact I’m never that far away from this feeling. It’s a very hard business and sometimes it really does feel like a mountain you don’t know how to climb, or worse, you wonder whether you can be bothered to climb it anymore. 

If this sounds familiar, we can sit down for a 45 minute consultation, where we try and isolate the problems, figure out what it is that you really want and make a game plan to get you feeling pro-active, energised and excited about the business again. 

Like the Rep Session above, this can be done out and about, as we don’t need a piano or space, so if it’s easier for both of us to meet in town somewhere over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, let’s not kid ourselves), then we can do that. 

The Full Works

Two hours with me, you lucky things! A total refresher of your skills and your rep, plus some time dedicated to getting a career game plan together. It will be intense and excellent. 


Drama School Auditions 

We will spend some time looking at the songs and monologues you have chosen. Or if you’ve not yet chosen anything, we can have an explore and find the right choices for you. 

Then we will work on the material together, and find a personal, confident and unique response. 


Drama School Audition Follow-Up

Mainly for those students who did not have firm choices of material in their initial session. This is a chance to bring back songs that you’ve had time to learn for a proper good acting through song or monologue coaching session with me. Getting you ready, confident and excited for your audition. 

Book this in at the end of your first session for a 10% discount. 


For group sessions at drama schools, student or amateur groups, get in touch and we can discuss your needs and rates.

Give me a shout on and we can chat further. 

NOTE: I provide coaching sessions, rather than technical singing lessons. I can absolutely help you nail particular vocal passages in your material but if it's long term advanced vocal training you want I'm not your gal, but I can recommend the most wonderful people. 


"Alex has a wealth of technical knowledge which really helped but more than that she has a superb understanding of how to act through song and always keep this the focus of our lessons which is invaluable for auditions. She's so supportive and affirmative - you leave feeling supremely confident in your own ability."

- Michael Watson-Gray, Drama Studio London

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